Lexy & J
We had the best time at TPA for the Mocha Party. The environment was awesome, DJ was very good and we enjoyed the overall atmosphere, design and set up of the entire club. We will definitely be back soon.
Thank you for having us!
Tim & Val
we had a great first time we have been to clubs all over the states including the ones near you in PA and MD ....we are closer to (another lifestyle club) it's about 30 mins from our home someone on sls told us we should give you tpa a try and now we know what a lifestyle club should be, Donna your club is not only a class act but you my dear are a CLASS ACT (and pretty)
OMG YOUR ROOMS WERE FANTASTIC We use to go to (another club) but NEVER AGAIN
I truly enjoyed my first experience at your club and found it very exciting, fun and flirty, loved the music, the hot people, the friendly bar staff and overall environment.
Kelly & Rik
Thanks so much
We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and plan to come back on the fourth!! Great place, great people... And an owner with a personality after my own heart!
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