T.P.A. is by far our favorite play club. Very friendly staff and overall everyone. Great rooms,awsome dj, Moca nights are our favorite but we go to other events as well because you always find the fun.
Frank and Cynthia
first time,
We arrived early for the tour. gentleman at front desk was very busy but very nice . He sent us with the host to show us around. very informative. went to the bar and the ladies at the bar very nice .
8 o'clock is way to early to arrive. things do not get going till around 10.. Was not impressed with the DJ. music was hit or miss with the crowed.
being new we did not put ourselves out their but we found it to be a little clicky .
The only ones that would come up to us were the single gentlemen and we found way to many. Very disrespectful to us. You see It seems to never fail the single men seem to wait for the male half to walk away to go to the rest room or the bar and then they pounce on the lady sitting alone. As a couple we find this very disrespectful . We know single men get a bad rap but they do it to themselves. We are couples be respectful and introduce yourself to both of us. We do like single men but don't be creepers. Have some class. Just because we are in the life style doesn't mean we always play.
Lots of play rooms are a plus. We did like the fact that play is allowed anywhere in the club. will we come back? Sure. We did have a good time . All in all its a nice club. Bathrooms and play rooms are clean. The people that we did meet very nice and informative .
We absolutely had an awesome time. We can not wait to come back. Professional staff top notch bartenders. Just friendly people all around.

R and J
Joe & Kelly
Awesome Place!!! We have been to a couple clubs before and they do not even come close to the friendly, relaxing and most real couples we have had the pleasure of meeting No Clicks and being our first time here I do not think we walked past one person that did not say hi or greet us.
This is the ONLY place we will be attending again and again
John and Jodi
We love this place!
TPA is our favorite club, hands down! The facility is nice, the staff is amazing, and the crowd is fun and very friendly! You can't get any better than this!
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