Raven and Cody
For those who won’t read a long review, I’ll give you the bottom lineup front:
WOW! Classy, Friendly, Clean, Unobtrusive, Inviting, and FUN!
Now I’ll give a deeper review.
My beautiful partner, Raven, and I attended the Pool Party on 7/18/16. Upon arrival, we were greeted at the door and shown the area. We quickly grabbed a piece of poolside real estate and started to enjoy. The weather was hot, the pool was cool, and the drinks colder (thanks to complimentary ice!!). Complementary poolside BBQ (Burgers and Hot dogs) were served with all the condiments one would expect.
During our time at the pool, we were able observe different couples of every shape, size, and color – all of them genuinely open, accepting, and friendly. There was not a clique or judgmental group in the whole area. Mostly people drank lightly and talked around the pool; others played poolside both discreetly and not. As a first-time couple to both TPA and the lifestyle, Raven and I found the environment to be open and emancipating. She, being as sexy as she is (semipro-athlete), was subject to a lot of attention; however, ever bit of consideration she received was politely solicited and very appropriate in distance, pace, intention, and manner. We felt comfortable enough that we meet two other couples for some light public fun and even put on a small show of our own. We are both exhibitionist and have no concerns with anything in the public; what we both found to be really exceptional was as we began to play openly, those not actively watching either turned their back or just watched aloofly from afar. There was no undue attention or commotion; as if it were completely conventional. The one couple sitting next to us engaged in a wonderful dialogue during this moment.
I said, “I think we are going to play here for a second if that is alright with you?”
To which the wife of our new “couple-friends” responded, “Please do! Can we watch? And would it be okay if I blocked the sun from your woman’s eyes? I think it’ll help her!”
Of course, I replied in the affirmative and things began. I was already impressed by the offer and the inquiry being it was both polite AND helpful. I was further impressed, as things moved along, that they did not offer to join or touch. They had asked to watch and that is all they did. I respected the restraint. I cannot emphasize enough how much fun we had. We will absolutely be coming back.
After the pool closed, Raven and I went about our merry way to get some dinner and clean up. We had discussed earlier that we may not go to TPA’s club as we were concerned about pressures, cleanliness, etc. None of those concerns were even remotely relevant by this point and we were 100% primed and ready for a night of fun in a world of unknowns!
Upon entering the club, I was blown away. TPA…your website photo’s do not do your club justice!
What a stunning venue. The lighting was fitting and complimented both the venue and the patrons. I found the club to be reminiscent of a Vegas-style venue. The bar was stocked, attended, and absolutely professional.
The dance floor is brilliant and Raven had an absolute blast on the stripper pole. As she flowed through her routine, she was applauded, but not interrupted! Neither approached nor bothered. It was awesome! It again speaks to the rules of the club. We both felt 100% safe. Now, it’s not to say people didn’t introduce themselves and offer to play. That definitely happened. I am only offering that they didn’t happen vulgarly, invasively, or at inappropriate times.
We toured each of the rooms in the facility. My pre-entrance impression from the website was that the rooms were amateurish and second-rate; like a motel room for $25 a night. WRONG! The play rooms were well appointed, properly lit, clean, and titillating. If I were made of sterner stuff, I would have made it my goal to play in every room of the place. As it is, we only got into three of the rooms. Raven and I were told “Ya don’t have to go home, but ya can’t stay here” because we played till the club closed – That is how much pleasure we were having!
We met up with the couple from the pool (whom are the coolest people we met all night). We were lucky to have met a “mentor” type couple whom invited us into their life for a night – C & A, you are the bomb!!
We had a phenomenal time and everyone, especially the other couples wife (Raven was going to town!!) left with a smile on their face and a sheen of perspiration on the forehead! After hanging out with them we wanted some time for us and were able to play elsewhere in the club alone. Not only did we have a great time but I feel closer and more in love with my partner than ever before.
Overall, for something I was interested in, but apprehensive about, we are 100% impressed and blown away by this club. We will return to this venue as much as life allows. Thank you TPA for taking something which can easily be done wrong, and absolutely doing it right.
C & K
We attended TPA for the first time this past weekend and had a great time. The club was amazing and everyone was so friendly. We loved the various themed play rooms. The music, lights, and just the overall atmosphere maked for a great evening. We will definitely be back!
M & C
Our first time to TPA, but not our first time to a club. Without doubt, the most organized, efficient, and welcoming of any first time club visit. Comfortable and welcoming from the second you arrive. And a very well thought out layout. Pure pleasure from start to finish. So much fun that we are already looking to see what weekends we can drive down again from New England.
It was our first time at the club. Everyone was very friendly. The variety of rooms was a plus. We will surely be back frequently
The dress code is a very easy one to abide by, but why are people still in the club in violation of it? Everyone looks much nicer when in compliance with the dress code, and makes the clubs appearance look much more appealing.
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