J & J
Othere and will comerst time we were nervous we had thought about doing it a year ago but ended up just not so finally we made the decision to try it out and everyone there is really nice they don't really push but it was also strange me and my boyfriend wanted to try out the chain room we didn't really expect to do anything with other ppl our first night so we pick the room and the host couple helped chain me then they were all over me it was unexpected and happens so fast I think some couples been doing it a while get a little crazy but it was fun crazy and different and exciting we really liked it there
Had a blast relaxed diverse environment can't wait til mocha night
John and Kelli
This was our first time at TPA, and our first time at any club like this. First experience with this kind of lifestyle at all.

There were a lot of butterflies going in, we even had a discussion prior to getting there, about tempering our expectations, so we wouldn't be disappointed if we didn't feel comfortable the first night there.

Well we didn't need to worry at all. From the beginning we were made to feel welcome and comfortable. We got the full tour, the place is much more impressive that I expected.

This is a real night club, with a sound system, dance floor, light show the works. Not a cheesy warehouse with plywood "stalls". Which is honestly what I thought we would find. The facility is clean, obviously well maintained and in great shape everywhere you look. The bathrooms are seriously cleaner than any I have ever seen in a regular night club.

We were approached in totally respectful ways by several people over the course of the night, every one was super friendly. Everyone we talked to was very friendly and made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Zero pressure, in fact we left without having had sex with anyone. We did have some "fun" though. Nothing felt forced or pressured.

We were having so much fun we didn't realize it was so late, last call was announced and we were shocked. We thought we might be there for an hour and leave, we had been there all night and ran out of time!!!

The crowd was a great mix of looks, ages, body types etc. Really just looked like a cross section of people you would see at any local bar/night club.

We will definitely be back. So happy we decided to make TPA our first trip into this lifestyle. So many things could have spoiled this risky adventure for us, and it was nothing but a positive experience.
Michelle and Wayne
LOVED our first visit and we will definitely be back! Great place and our hosts were awesome!
Jay and Lilly
Our first time ever exploring the lifestyle. A fun place, nice people and new adventures. If you are thinking about it, stop lurking and give it a try! We will be back very soon!
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