Brian's account of his first time at The Private Affair!
Pajama Party with FoulPlay on Saturday Feb 27th 2016
Last night was my first time at The Private Affair, but it certainly won't be my last! This club was obviously purpose-built from the ground up to be a lifestyles club. With the clubs I've been to across the country, never have I seen a lifestyle club set the standard so high. The website doesn't do it justice.
First, you realize from the moment you walk in the door that this place has their act together. The reception area was staffed by a knowledgeable and professional young woman who was very welcoming yet fully able to take care of business.
Shortly after getting the business arrangements taken care of, T & H met meet to go over the main points and take me on the grand tour. This couple couldn't have been better at putting me at ease with what to expect, friendly tips and suggestions, and the ability to answer any questions I ventured to ask. To top it off, they both inquired of me how things were going and if I had any questions throughout the night. Friendly and laid-back follow up! They were truly interested in making sure had had as good a time as I wanted.
Speaking of the grand tour, there's really no other way to describe it! From the locker and restroom areas to the buffet, everything made sense. Upon entering the main lounge, the two bartenders proved themselves highly capable and very easy going. (In fact, you'll find the entire feeling of easy going with a quality experience exudes throughout the entire operation.) The lounge is very well appointed tohhandle a very large group, yet it never felt crowded. The are a large number of bar height and table height places to sit or stand as you choose along with a large curved sofa facing the large dance floor. And it is a large dance floor with an elevated DJ booth. The tunes were flowing and the volume was spot on! I used to mix both front-of-house and monitors for clubs and large indoor and outdoor venues in excess of 60,000 seats, so I tend to be pretty critical of the sound in general. The sound was great!
The tour continued with a complete description of each playroom. I know there are at least 22! That's right! And I may have under estimated! Each room has a distinct and unique theme. From the cowboy room, to the gyno room (it's fully functional and complete with stirrups!, to the live feed room where a camera shows the action only on a screen in the main lounge, to the bondage room when you and your friend(s) can be chained to the bed or wall. Several of the rooms actually have corporate sponsors, so they are kept fresh and up to date in competition with other sponsors. A smaller back loung playing basic porn on a large screen and a couple of pool tables wrap up the list. They do also have a well decorated large Jacuzzi tube for 10 or 15 of your friends, but it wasn't running this particular evening. I was told it will be back online before the next party. Based on everything else I saw, I am completely convinced that it will be.
Finally, as the evening progressed, I found it very easy to begin conversations with other guests, and I found myself feeling accepted easily into several groups of people who obviously had been there before. For a single male, this is a very rare and welcome environment. I had a great time, made several new friends, and am already telling others in the lifestyle that this is where they should attend to see a club with high standards of excellence across the board!


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