• Sexy themes!

    Sexy themes!

    Lots of sexy dress up or social party themes! Nobody has fresh fun events like TPA! Read More
  • Plenty of room to play!

    Plenty of room to play!

    Spacious, clean, sexy themed rooms with no time limit and no wait list! Check out the gallery for more! Read More
  • Club Amenities

    Club Amenities

    The club has quite a few amenities including a new SELFIE ROOM! Read More
  • Bar & Dancefloor

    Bar & Dancefloor

    The bar and dance floor with modern light show and bumpin sound system to keep everyone dancing all night! Read More
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About TPA

  • Virtual tour +

    View a slideshow of the different areas of the club! Read More
  • Club Amenities +

    The list of club amenities. We're always adding to the list! Read More
  • Play and stay! +

    Hotels near the club. Why drive all the way home? Read More
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Fantasy Friday

 Registration Closed
Social Party
January 12, 2018 09:00 PM
Fantasy Friday!  Anything goes!!

All Dates

  • January 12, 2018 09:00 PM


Raven and Cody
For those who won’t read a long review, I’ll give you the bottom lineup front:
WOW! Classy, Friendly, Clean, Unobtrusive, Inviting, and FUN!
Now I’ll give a deeper review.
My beautiful partner, Raven, and I attended the Pool Party on … read more
Michael and Rhonda
Great Visit


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